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Keep The Doorway And Your Employees Safe!

January 17, 2018 • Lucille McAlpin

An important part of business ethics revolves around maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. Thanks to the progress in regulations – both under the direction of the governments and independent organizations – significant steps have been taken (and continue to be taken) to minimize workplace-related accidents, injuries and deaths. One such aspect of workplace safety that many companies have to account for is related to their garage doors and their operation. Below are some of the points you should consider to keep your employees safe from malfunctioning garage doors:

  • Invest in safe and durable garage doors – if there were one thing commercial garage doors should be, that is being safe for use. Always stick to purchasing, installing and maintaining garage doors from reputable companies that take every precaution and measure to ensure that your doors are properly fitted and in working condition. For example, many garage doors nowadays can come with a range of safety precautions: there can be sensors to detect resistance and thereby instruct the doors to move in the opposite direction, and there can be safety precautions to ensure that the doors open or close only as long as the specific button is continuously pressed.
  • Inspect regularly – inspections are the best way to reduce accidents related to garage doors. For example, if your company makes use of roller shutters Geelong, it is important to schedule regular check-ups to ensure that the overhead compartments for the doors are properly functioning. Since most garage doors are made of metal, it is also important to look into potential rust and decay that may make the doors unsafe and prone to falling off their hinges. Inspections should also be conducted in the aftermath of incidents so as to find out the underlying cause of the incident, and thereby remedy it as soon as possible.
  • Train and inform your employees – simply taking steps to have the best garage doors is not enough. Proper workplace safety can be ensured only by also including proper training to your employees. Regardless of whether your doors are automatic or manual, make sure to inform and train every employee of how to properly operate the garage doors. It is also extremely important to teach them how to act or what to expect in the instance the doors malfunction so as to minimize any potential negative outcomes in such circumstances.
  • Repair the doors immediately – when there has been an incident, or when you discover any abnormality in the garage doors, it is important to not waste time with repairs. Make it a point to get the doors repaired as soon as is possible, and have the area cordoned off in the meantime to avoid accidents.
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