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Common Massage Techniques Used By Therapists

January 9, 2018 • Lucille McAlpin

When you think of a massage, what often comes to your mind is the image of the practitioner stimulation various parts of the body of a person by touching, pressing and applying varying degrees of pressure to get that person to feel relaxed. Massages are often done to reduce stress, physical and mental fatigue, cure injuries or even as a way to get some kind of relaxation once in a while. Despite our knowledge of massaging techniques often being limited to what was described below, there are many other types of massage techniques that are worth mentioning.From deep tissue massages to hydrotherapy involving a spas Brisbane, here is a small list of some of the most popular massaging techniques and therapies used nowadays:

Swedish Massage Therapy

This is actually the real name given to the type of massage we all are familiar with. Making use of an oil and lotion coupled with various hand movements, this type of massage is extremely useful for providing relaxation to the body’s muscles. It is also great for those suffering from physical injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage focuses on muscular tissues much more than a regular Swedish massage. Applied pressure is often greater than in a conventional massage (although it shouldn’t be painful), which means that this kind of massage is beneficial to relieve chronic pain caused by repetitive strain injuries.

The Aromatherapy

This combines Swedish massages with the healing characteristics of medicinal plants. Here, the same kind of Swedish massage is carried out, with the difference being that the oil or lotion is swapped out in favor of natural plant extracts (usually in the form of sweet-smelling essential oils). These provide even more relaxation due to the pleasant aroma that is continuously emitted from them. Thus, aromatherapy is useful for curing conditions ranging from headaches to back pain.

The Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy makes use of water to cure certain conditions and to provide an overall sense of relaxation. What makes hydrotherapy different from other techniques is the fact that you could do it by yourself even at home! What you need to do is to buy any one of the best swim spas for sale you can find, set it up with the help of a few technicians and start soaking in it right away. The combination of induced water currents and the healing properties of water itself can help you improve your body’s blood circulation and to treat certain health conditions.

Stone Massage

A type of massage which involves placing heated stones on the body of the patient to relieve stress and tension. The type of stones used for this purpose is often those found in rivers and streams, with the difference being that these are often polished and smoothed out so that they can be safely placed onto the patient’s body without causing pain or discomfort.

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